Nitrogen in Tyres

Nitrogen is sometimes offered as an alternative to air for tyre inflation.

Nitrogen is an inert (non-flammable) gas – basically, nothing more than dry air with oxygen removed.

Air contains about 78% nitrogen. Because of nitrogen’s inert properties, it is often used in highly specialized tyre service applications and/or demanding environments such as aircraft and mining applications. Nitrogen is also often used in motor racing.

For normal tyre service applications, nitrogen tyre inflation is not required. However, nitrogen tyre inflation does not harm tyres and may marginally contribute to reductions in tyre inflation loss by permeation. Nevertheless, nitrogen will not prevent any tyre inflation loss caused by punctures, tyre/rim interface (bead) leaks, valve leaks, valve/rim interface leaks, wheel leaks, etc.

Whether inflated with air or nitrogen, regular tyre inflation pressure maintenance remains critical and necessary. Use of nitrogen alone is not a replacement for regular tyre inflation pressure maintenance.